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How are Bright baby milestone check ups different than my regular pediatric visits?


Your pediatrician is a great resource for keeping you up to date with vaccines, treating broken bones or colds and flus and helping with basic physical development just to name a few.The BBMC’s are a very comprehensive look at your baby’s nervous system development that goes beyond what your pediatrician is looking for. Most of the older children we see for attention and learning challenges at Sage Education and Therapy did not complete each movement stage as infants. These children were seen on a regular basis by the family’s pediatrician. This is not to suggest that pediatricians are remiss or doing a poor job, not at all! Developmental Movement Therapy is something separate from general pediatric care and Developmental Movement Therapists have specific training in this area that is not part of medical training. It’s always a wise idea to see a specialist with specialized training. We have that specialized training and can help you understand how to best support your baby's development along side the care you receive from you pediatrician.


Faq for infants




Can BBMC’s replace my regular pediatric visits?


Absolutely not. We encourage you to keep up with your regular pediatric checkups in addition to scheduling regular BBMC’s.



I’m struggling with the transition to motherhood; will I get any support for that at the BBMC’s?

Absolutely. As part of our professional services, we want to be sure that you have all you need, physically, mentally and emotionally, to transition to motherhood. Being a healthy mom is the first step in nurturing a healthy baby. We know how important your well being is to your baby's development and supporting you is integral to our BBMC’s.


What should my baby wear to a BBMC?


We will be looking closely at your baby's  movement. Dress appropriately for the weather and be prepared to take layers off when we get started and baby has adjusted to the surroundings. We keep our space cozy warm so everyone is comfortable.

What should I bring to a BBMC?


Just bring what you would typically bring on any outing with baby. We will be working on a wood floor, babies who have control of head and neck muscles will not need a blanket. Babies who are developing head and neck muscles can be put on a blanket from home or supplied at the visit. In addition, you are encouraged to nurse or feed baby as needed during the visit.

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