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FAQ for Remote Program

01.   What is the time commitment? 


02.  How do I know if this is a good fit for my family? 

03.  What if I have a question during the 6-8 week programs? 

Remote treatment is delivered in three parts, 6-8 weeks each. The adults will spend approximately 3 hours with Ms Johnson for each part. The time spent delivering the treatment to your child is between 20-40 minutes each day. We are careful to not overwhelm the child or strain the family dynamic so when it feels like too much, we encourage a day of "play pause" before getting back to business. 

Good question! Home treatment plans are not for everyone and it's important that you consider a few key things to determine if this is right for your family at this time. In our experience home programs work best when: 

  • Parents are able to carve out a consistent time of day for the work/play. 

  • Children are able to take direction and focus, even if in a playful way, for 20-40 minutes. 

  • Parents are able to find their calm, patience body before engaging in the work with children. 

  • Parents commit to working with Ms Johnson on creating a home environment that is optimal in sensory stimulation. Another way of saying this is, are you willing to restrict screen time for your child for the duration of treatment? We have much better results with children who have been protected from media while working on their home programs. 

We got your covered! Each program includes 45 minutes with Ms Johnson that can be broken down into 15 minute increments however you want to use them! We suggest engaging in the program for a week or two and jotting down your questions as you go, this way we can address them all in your shorter check-ins. 

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