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Founder and Director of Sage Education and Therapy, Stephanie Johnson MA, R-DMT, LPC is a mother, author, registered dance therapist and licensed professional counselor.

Ms. Johnson began her career as a public school teacher and was one of the original teachers at the FAIR School, Crystal where she taught until 2004. In 2007 she received a Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder CO. Somatic Psychology is a body based psychotherapy that can be used with people of all ages as an alternative orcompliment to traditional talk therapy methods or occupational therapy. Ms. Johnson uses developmental movement therapy and somatic counseling to treat clients of all ages who have symptoms of attention/learning challenges, depression and anxiety as well as those who are experiencing overwhelming circumstances. Using the wisdom of early movements and reflexes, Stephanie supports her clients by revealing the origin of symptoms rather than employing a series of coping mechanisms that overlook the root of the problem.


In addition to her work with individuals, Ms. Johnson is the author of the award winning book Baby Bare: A bottom up approach to growing strong brains and bodies. Stephanie is an internationally sought speaker and trainer who is known for her warmth, humor and clarity. For more information on about Baby Bare and trainings go to

Ms Johnson lives in Minneapolis with with her 9 year old son, August. 

Who We are

Sage Education and Therapy opened its doors in 2007 with a mission to educate the community about the body’s role in optimal health and well being. In those early days, our focus was school age children with attention and learning challenges. As a former licensed teacher, director Stephanie Johnson became curious about the connection between a decrease in movement and play opportunities for children and the epidemic proportion of children struggling to perform their best at school. She was in daily contact with very bright children who were not performing at grade level or having trouble connecting with peers. It was the time spent with these children that inspired Ms. Johnson to leave teaching and more deeply investigate this question: “Why are so many children having trouble and what is the role of movement in learning and social engagement?”

After receiving an MA in Somatic Psychology and Counseling in 2007, Ms. Johnson opened Sage Education and Therapy offering families a treatment modality that gets to the root of the problem rather than employing a series of coping mechanisms and invasive accommodations.

“Why are so many children having trouble and what is the role of movement in learning and social engagement?”

As the years went by, adults became very interested in our approach for several reasons. First, upon hearing how we looked at early movement history to diagnose and treat children who were struggling, parents stated that they wished they had known about the importance of movement for brain development when their children were babies.Director Stephanie Johnson heard this so often from so many parents that she responded by writing Baby Bare: A bottom up approach to growing strong brains and bodies.

The book and education for new families is a way of getting in front of the epidemic of struggling children. Our hope is that through educating new parents, we will increase the number of babies who develop optimally and will enjoy school with ease and comfort.For more information about the book and opportunities for new families and infants please go to .


It was parents who really began to understand this work and saw the potential for adults to benefit from treatment at Sage. After receiving requests to include adults, we have now grown to provide treatment for people of all ages who are seeking an alternative or complement to traditional methods. We treat mental health concerns including, but not limited to, attention and learning challenges, stress management, anxiety, depression and support for new mothers.


“We have now grown to provide treatment for people of all ages who are seeking an alternative or compliment to tradidional methods.”



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