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There is a beautiful, organic sequence of essential movements embedded in your baby’s nervous system that is designed to bring about healthy brain development, emotional well being and physical coordination. 


So often today the more subtle stages such as pushing with the arms, rolling to both sides and the lizard crawl are often overlooked, while emphasis is placed on "crawling and walking" as soon as possible.  However, there are crucial aspects of brain development that are partnered with each stage of movement. When baby rushes to the finish line of walking, there is a real possibility she may have difficulty with self-regulation and/or academic work as she grows older.


Bring your baby in at 0, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 months for a comprehensive analysis of developmental movement milestones, including education and support for you. During this session in a peaceful, natural setting, we observe how your baby moves and relates to the world. We also share specific play ideas to help your baby progress at her own pace, while ensuring each stage is completed and not rushed through or skipped all together.


Babies who experienced a difficult birth or one with interventions are especially prone to developmental challenges. We strongly recommend that you bring your baby in as soon as you are up for it. We can teach you techniques to help you and your baby adjust after a difficult birth experience. We are here to support you both. Give a call today.

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Get your copy of Baby Bare: A bottom-up approach to growing strong brains and bodies, a must have parenting companion written my Sage Director Stephanie Johnson. 

Enjoy this talk about the infant movement sequence with Dr. Tye Moe from Whole Family Chiropractic

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