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Success stories​

Abby, a 10-year-old girl and her temper

May 2014


A mother who was at her wits end with her 10-year-old daughter, Abby, contacted us. Abby was having what mom described as tantrums and meltdowns almost daily after school. They had made considerations in her diet, took her to see a psychologist but nothing had helped so far. Abby’s teachers reported that she was doing fine at school but mom saw another side of her daughter at home when it was time to do homework and go to violin lessons. Sharon, Abby’s mom, desperately wanted to find some help for her loving and creative daughter. Sharon was referred to Sage Education and Therapy by another mom at Abby’s school who heard a talk at a PTO meeting the previous year given by Sage Director, Stephanie Johnson. When Abby came in for her intake appointment she was very polite, outgoing and eager to please. The first impression of Abby was not one of a girl having daily meltdowns...

Josh 9-year- old boy and his reading scores

May 2014

Sometimes the solution to low reading scores is not more reading! See how we got to the real block in Josh’s ability to perform at grade level. Fun fact, we never opened a book!


A chiropractor had been seeing a 9-year-old boy named Josh and noticed a resistance to movement in the neck muscles. It was later learned that Josh was also having difficulty writing and reading at grade level even after several months in Edina Public Schools “success club,” which is an ambitious program designed to get every student in the district reading at grade level...

Parker the back archer

May 2014

Parker’s parents brought him in for a Bright Baby Milestone Check-Up soon after he was born and at 3 months. We noticed that he kicked his legs very straight and often arched his back.  This is very common in babies AND is a sign that the muscles in the front of the body are under developing while the muscles in the back are over developing. It is optimal for babies to develop a balance of front and back muscle tone; another way to say this is flexion and extension. For example, we often see a baby beautifully flexed around mama’s body during nursing and extended when they hear a loud noise...


Ann and Andy parents of 4 year old W

We came to Stephanie because we were curious about some of our son’s habits.  He had never really crawled, only scooted on his bottom and only liked to use his hands to eat.  From our first meeting with Stephanie she has been an extremely helpful resource to us as parents and more importantly a truly amazing therapist to our son.  He has come a long way in just under a year with her.  We see changes in his body and behavior.  He considers Stephanie one of the dearest people in his life and loves to go to his appointments with her.  He has often called Stephanie one of his favorite people and talks about how sweet and kind she is to him.  As his parents, we see this as a testament to how therapeutic the work is, that it is truly impacting him and that it feels so good to his body.  That brings us so much happiness and security.  We are so happy to have found her!

Shana and Jeff, parents of 6 month old Beckett

Thanks for all the guidance, we always enjoy our time with you and have been learning so much!  We're so excited to report that Beckett sat up yesterday all by himself. Amazing to watch him make his way from tummy to sitting -- Wow! He did it three times and was so proud of himself. We were too, of course!! What a fantastic Father's Day memory!

Jessica, mother of 11 month old Lilliana

I just want to say thank you for the work you've done with us. Lili has been doing a little crawling, even opting to do it without prompting a couple times. We're loving squishy bug and she's tolerating choo-choo! The work you do is awesome, I can't thank you enough!

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