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Is treatment covered by insurance?


Full payment is made at the time of service. We provide the necessary paper work that clients may submit to insurance companies. We are considered an "out-of-network" provider. Depending on their individual plan, clients may receive full or partial reimbursement for services.


FAQ for Children




What to wear?

Dress for comfort, we move a lot. It is important to wear comfortable clothing that covers the knees. Sweatpants work best. Shoes and socks are taken off for sessions.


How long does treatment last?


There are many variables to an individual’s progress, so duration of treatment varies from person to person. After the assessment we will be able to better estimate how long treatment will last. The average duration for treatment is between 10 and 18 months for children.


Is there anything I can do as a parent to support the treatment my child is receiving?

Yes. At the time of assessment, you will be given a list of things that will help or hinder your child’s progress. You will also be given activities that can be done at home between sessions. The “home play” is meant to be fun and never exceeds 15-20 minutes a day.


What is a good age to start treatment?

A young child who is engaged with pretend play is old enough to benifit from weekly sessions. If you have concerns about a baby or toddler we are happy to help. Our services for younger children focus on ways parents can support the child through play and interaction in the home while older children around 3-4 are ready for weekly sessions in person. 

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