Sage Education and Therapy

Developmental Movement Therapy for Children

Natural Therapy for Anxiety, ADD/HD, Learning Challenges,Emotional Regulation and Sensory Concerns


Sage Education & Therapy brings healing movement to your child's life to reduce symptoms of attention and learning challenges including anxiety and sensory concerns. We have 20+ years experience supporting families using a Developmental Movement Therapy modality that includes primitive reflex integration techniques. Our services are available in person or remotely, we also have a wonderful movement subscription "Healing Movements for Kids" for families wishing to use impactful movement games at home to increase attention, focus and emotional regulation.  

Sage Education & Therapy

Who we are

Sage Education and Therapy opened its doors in 2007 with a mission to educate the community about the body’s role in optimal health and well being. In those early days, our focus was school age children with attention and learning challenges.

Success stories

 Read our success stories to learn how parents, children, adults, and educators are finding unbeatable support and results with Sage Education & Therapy.

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