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2 Ways your child can find their stride!

Help your child  make the leap from feeling frustrated to feeling confident!



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Symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know something is not working as well as it could. Whether your child has an official diagnosis or something just tells you things could be easier for your child, we can help. We assess your child's needs and individual learning style to create a unique plan to cultivate harmony between mind and body. Our treatment based in Developmental Movement Therapy is a fun and impactful way to address the origins of mysterious symptoms. Unlike many other modalities of therapy, we work hard to reveal the root cause of attention and learning challenges including anxiety and sensory concerns. 

* All in person sessions are being scheduled by phone. Current and new families can call 612-251-6352 to schedule.

In Person Therapy for Children 

Weekly in person sessions have long been a great way to support your child. Each movement rich session is designed to target your child's unique strengths and needs. Homeplay activities will be taught to adults each week that serve to provide continued input for the child as well as strengthen the parent/child dynamic in the home. 



Below is a small sampling of symptoms you or your child's teacher may be noticing. Developmental Movement Therapy that includes primitive reflex integration has helped many children who experience one or more of the items on this list. Many children who benefit from DMT have other symptoms not listed, if you have any questions, please call 612-251-6352.  We are happy to help determine if our therapy may benefit your child. 
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Not sure your child is ready for therapy but want to enhance their day with theraputic movement activities? Look no further! Healing Movements for Kids is a weekly service that provides you with tried and true activities used as "homeplay" with clients for over 20 years!y Each week a new activity will be released that designed to increase focus, attention, regulation, modulation, ease of learning and strengthen the bond you have with your child. 

  • Over reactive

  • Motion sickness

  • Behaves immaturely for age

  • Overly seeks or avoids sensory stimuli

  • Inability to sit still or remain silent

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Dislikes or avoids reading

  • Has been suspected of having or been diagnosed with learning or attention challenges anxiety, depression, ASD,

  • Poor concentration

  • Continued bed wetting

  • Poor balance

  • Difficulty with ball games

  • Poor manual dexterity

  • Immature pencil grip

  • Speech and hand movements may be connected

  • Handwriting problems

  • Difficulty with expressing ideas in written form

  • Eye tracking problems

  • Messy eating

  • Rigid or floppy muscle tone

  • Poor sense of time and rhythm

  • Lies on desk when writing

  • Poor hand eye coordination

  • Anxiety/Fear

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