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How do I schedule an in-service for my staff?

Give us a call with your in-service dates and we can schedule a time that works. We are happy to schedule a year out due to budgeting considerations. We suggest using a late summer or early fall date, as teachers are refreshed from summer break.


FAQ for educators




How much does an in service cost?


We have different rates depending on what type of experience you request and who will be attending. We are happy to give you a specific cost when we know more about what you are interested in.

Discounts are offered to those schools that offer the training to the entire school staff including support staff.


Are you available for small group gatherings?


Yes, locally. Often people call with a request for me to join their moms group for an evening or address a small parent support group at a school. It’s a good idea to have a ballpark number of participants to estimate the cost for this type of event.

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