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We are all looking to find joy and a sense of ease and comfort in our lives. Traditional talk therapy offers a model that is based in our stories and narrative description of our emotions and personal hardships. This model has value for many people, while others are looking for something different. Somatic Psychotherapy, a body based therapeutic model, can uncover the origin of behaviors and patterns that are not serving you in your life, patterns that are holding you back. Our patterns of reacting and relating to life’s stresses stem from early on in life, often before we have verbal capacity. Finding new ways to respond to stress is imperative to inviting joy and ease back into our lives. Somatic Psychotherapy is effective in generating new ways to respond and interact with our world. If you find yourself wanting to make changes in your behavior but feel it is almost impossible to do so, please call and schedule an appointment. We can help. Often the true barriers to happiness can be revealed by a therapeutic approach that integrates the wisdom of our physical and mental selves. This approach moves at a client's pace. Body-based work can range from focusing on the breath to deeply noticing physical sensations when we talk about charged topics. Each session is as individual as our clients.


Many of our clients are parents. Parenting often demands that we confront our triggers. Whether a child is typically developing or has some challenges, watching ourselves react to a child’s behavior is eye opening. For most of us, parenting is the first time in our lives where we feel such a level of uncertainty and fear paired with the desire to do our best and give our children everything they need.


Parents who experienced a difficult birth may still have unresolved fear in the body that can be silently impacting the rest of the family. If you experienced complications during the delivery of a child, regardless of how much time has passed, please give us a call. That experience may still be impacting your ability to feel calm and at ease in your body. We can help.

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