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Beautiful original illustrations throughout the book help concepts come alive.

Beautiful original photographs and illustrations make concepts come to life througout the book!  

Here is what people are saying about Baby Bare!


"I've been given so many books since this is my first baby but Baby Bare has been the most useful by far!" 

Sarah mother of baby Agnes


"This book is full of important information that you will not find in any other baby book."

Jean Gresch, retired elemtary teacher



"As a new mom, Baby Bare is the book I keep coming back to for it's simple doable suggestions that do not overwhelm even the most sleep deprvied new parent."

Megan mother of Oliver


"I wish I would have had Baby Bare when my other two children were babies!"

Rachael mother of Eli, Emma and Nicholas





"Baby Bare is a truly wonderful and greatly needed book for new parents. "

Susan R. Johnson MD, FAAP


"I recommend Baby Bare and plan to share it abundantly with all my audiences." 

Carla Hannaford PhD. 

Author of best-selling book Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head


"This beautfully illustrated and easy to understand book, based on neuroscience, offers sound advice for caregivers who want to nurture children to have strong brains, bodies and social intelligence.: 

Anne Green Gilibert, educator, author and developer of BrainDance


"Baby Bare shows us how we can help our infants fully live into their own bodies so that they build the foundation for a happy and balanced life."

Kim John Payne M.Ed

Author of the best-selling Simplicity Parenting 

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