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Many children demonstrate curious symptoms but do not have an official diagnosis. Symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know something is not working as well as it could. Whether your child has been diagnosed or not, we can help. We look at individual children and create a unique plan to help their body and mind work in harmony.


Here are some common indicators
that your child could benefit from our services.



Symptoms include:

  • Over reactive

  • Motion sickness

  • Behaves immaturely for age

  • Overly seeks or avoids sensory stimuli

  • Inability to sit still or remain silent

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Dislikes or avoids reading

  • Has been suspected of having or been diagnosed with learning or attention challenges anxiety, depression, ASD,

  • Poor concentration

  • Continued bed wetting

  • Poor balance

  • Difficulty with ball games

  • Poor manual dexterity

  • Immature pencil grip

  • Speech and hand movements may be connected

  • Handwriting problems

  • Difficulty with expressing ideas in written form

  • Eye tracking problems

  • Messy eating

  • Rigid or floppy muscle tone

  • Poor sense of time and rhythm

  • Lies on desk when writing

  • Poor hand eye coordination

  • Anxiety/Fear

Enjoy these tips with Mia Bolte


Nell, mother of 9 year old Eddie

"I know the investment we have made in the movement therapy will pay off for years to come. After trying so many different approaches , from tutoring to occupational therapy, we have finally found something that really works. And most importantly, my son loves his time with Stephanie."

Jose, mother of 7 year old Leo

"My son Leo, aside from dyslexia and speech challenges, has sensory motor challenges for which I found no assistance. With Stephanie's assessment and intervention plan , he is now blossoming and "outgrowing" the blockages that hindered the expression of his true self."

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Introducing Healing Movements for Kids, a subscription movement service overflowing with the same activities sent home with private clients. Now everyone can benefit from these tried and true favorite developmental movement games that will increase focus, decrease distraction, enhance school performance and deepen the connection you have with your child. 

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