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Remote Treatment

Now you can access treatment with Stephanie Johnson MA, R- DMT, LPC from anywhere in the world! Ms Johnson has created a remote delivery option that combines virtual appointments with parents and a uniquely curated video program to support your child from the comfort of your own home. 

The Remote Intake Package

The Remote Treatment program begins with a comprehensive intake meeting followed by 6-8 weeks of weekly exercises delivered in clear, easy to follow instructional videos. Your package includes an easy to follow weekly chart to keep track of work and questions. Parents and/or support staff will implement the treatment plan with the support of Ms Johnson via shorter check in appointments and the package concludes with a 60 minute followup appointment to review progress and discuss next steps. 

Fee: $1600

Part Two: 

Part Two follows up where the Remote Intake Package left off. You will receive another uniquely curated 6-8 week treatment program that builds on the foundational work done in the previous weeks. You will be supported along the way with clear and easy to follow video tutorials and shorter check-ins with Ms Johnson when you need specific feedback or have questions about a technique. Part Two concludes with a 60 minute follow up meeting to discuss progress and possible next steps. 

Fee: $950

Part Three: 

Part Three of remote treatment picks up where Part 2 left off and targets areas that need continued support and remain underdeveloped. For the 6-8 weeks of Part Three, the video content may include old familiar pieces that need to be revisited while including fresh activities to keep children engaged and interested while tying up the last bits of integration needed for your child to feel their best! Like the previous programs, Part 3 concludes with a 60 minute virtual meeting to discuss progress. It is possible at this time that your treatment plan may conclude or possible next steps will be suggested. 

Fee: $850


Some children will gain the needed support in the above 3 treatment segments to warrant termination of treatment.  It is also very common that  children need a few more weeks of continued, guided support. We will create a meaningful, individual treatment plan for your  child for as long as needed and those options will be discussed at your follow up meetings at the end of each program part. 


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