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Bright Child School Readiness Check-ups

Is my child ready for school? This is a question we all ask ourselves when our children are approaching school age. Some children start with preschool, others kindergarten and still others wait until 1st grade to enter school. Regardless when your child starts her school career, we can give you peace of mind that she is ready and has everything she needs to succeed.

At Sage Education and Therapy we offer a completely different kind of school readiness assessment. While many school readiness exams are measuring what your child already knows, what skills and facts they have already acquired, we are looking to see if they have the necessary physical developments needed to learn with comfort, ease and joy. Bright Child School Readiness Check-ups are different; during these visits we are actually assessing the body’s readiness for learning. That’s right, is the body ready to learn? There are underlying mechanics of the body that need to be in place for your child to have success in the school setting. Many children who struggle at school have been showing signs since they were very young, but these signs are hard to detect until a child is asked to perform in the academic arena. We are committed to getting in front of learning and attention challenges. If we see an aspect of your child’s development that needs support or may cause difficulty in the future, we can offer fun, playful ways to address the issue before it becomes a concern in the classroom. 

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Alice mother of Brianna 4 and Casey 12

"The readiness check up taught me so much about how kids learn and I really understand now why my older daughter has such a hard time with writing and organizing her thoughts. I’m so glad my younger daughter had the check up before starting school. Stephanie (at Sage) was able to explain what she saw and gave us fun games to play at home to help Brianna be ready to learn and feel good about herself at school."



Melissa, mother of 9 year old Eric.

"I always had a hunch that our son Eric was developing differently than his peers. He had some quirks and was clumsy on the playground compared to other children. When I brought up my concerns to his teachers and our pediatrician, they both told me he would out grow it and that I had no reason to be concerned. As it turns out, Eric is 9 now and really struggles with reading and has a hard time making friends, he can’t do things other boys his age like doing.  I’m relieved to have found a solution at Sage and I wish we had had some better answers when he was younger."


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