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Stephanie Johnson is available for seminars, workshops and evening lectures. Ms. Johnson is known for her ability to explain the body's role in learning and well being with clarity, warmth and humor. Stephanie works with each organization to create an experience that fits their needs. She is a recurring facilitator at ECFE, Head Start, Blooma, Health Foundations, Sunu Wellness Center as well as K-12 public and private schools regionally and nationally.


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Anne McCauley, Occupational Therapist, Somatic Psychotherapist

"Stephanie has the gift of stunning creativity paired with a strong clinical understanding of how children can transcend their challenges in order to live life with more joy and comfort.  She is wise, intelligent, and bold in her work and in her life.  I would recommend her without hesitation to any child or parent.

Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC co-owner Colorado Therapies, Author From Conception to Crawling

"Stephanie plays with children in a way that makes a difference! Kids respond to her! While they are busy playing, Stephanie is drawing on years of training, study, and theory. She understands movement, can assess development, and intervene for change...all in a fun and enjoyable manner."

Colleen Callahan Russel, President of Dance Educators Coalition

Stephanie is passionate, knowledgeable and inspirational. She is able to make remarkable changes in children and does so with an abundance of love." 

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