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Here is an excpert from the forward by Carla Hannaford:


       "Seldom does a book come along that grabs my interest and extends my understanding of the world in a simple elegant way that keeps me reading, even with my hectic schedule.  This book did just that. It seems parents are looking for answers, and often don’t trust their innate knowing of how to raise their child.  This book shares not only hard core research, but common sense and instinctual understanding   that truly allows parents to enjoy parenting, and learn through the eyes of their child.  

          Stephanie Johnson shares the idea that we have been focusing on a top down approach to learning with our children.  Often we are driven to have them succeed at language, reading, and math early, filling the child with facts and information because we believe those signify intelligence.  Stephanie, with her bottom up approach, has elegantly presented current research from developmental experts on what assures whole brain development and learning success throughout life, starting from the very beginning."   


Carla Hannaford. PhD

Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head

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